Anzac Kangaroo (Emu) Feather Hat Pin

Anzac Kangaroo (Emu) Feather Hat Pin

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Lighthorseman “Kangaroo Feathers”. According to legend, Major Percy Ricardo and Captain Harry Chauvel began to wear the feathers after a pet emu had died.

Two stockmen picked up the feathers and placed them in their hats, which was said to have looked smart and so it began.

Appreciating a practical joke, when asked about their emu plumes, the light horsemen replied that they were, in fact, “Kangaroo Feathers” a true blue Australian export Over 100 years of Emu Plumes are still the iconic symbol of Australian soldiers’ bravery.

Custom Made Kangaroo (Emu) Feather Hat Pin / Brooch

No two will be the same.

High quality Hat Pin, if you are looking for the subtle look these are perfect

You may have to pin upwards to flow over or tilt sideways a little for the feather to fall back.

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