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A great selection of original Paperbark paintings as well as original watercolours and pencil sketches of Australian Native Fauna. Unique, unusual, exclusive and eye catching, the work in these pictures we are confident you will appreciate. The Paperbark paintings in particular are meticulously painted, building the watercolours, layer apon layer until the desired colour intensity is accomplished. Each peice of Paperbark is specially treated using a technique John invented so the surface can be painted on and allows for the bark to be preserved. When he has completed painting his bird subject, John adds a small amount of real feathers from the particular bird where they blend into the finished artwork, allowing the viewer an insight into the wonderful colours and exotic patterns that only nature can provide.

The overall effect is something quite startling, unique, natural and beautiful, and ofcourse Australian. All pieces seen here are supplied with Government Permit, where applicable, Certificate of Authenticity, and Artist Profile.

Prices will vary depending on complexity of subject and size of bark used.

Information About the Artist John Gray

Large images are removed from this site to protect copyright infringement, Contact us if you wish to view a specific work of art enlarged.

(image for) Original Forest Kingfisher - SOLD
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(image for) Original Gouldian Finch - SOLD
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(image for) Original Rainbow Bee Eaters - SOLD
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(image for) Original Rainbow Lorikeet SOLD
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(image for) Original Sunbirds SOLD
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(image for) Original White Bellied Sea Eagle SOLD
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