#6 (9 Matching) Whistling Kite Tail Feather

#6 (9 Matching) Whistling Kite Tail Feather

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Size: 10 3/4" - 270mm

RARE Whistling Kite Tail Feather, #9 is the PAIR

Very limited stocks, minor damage may occur due to being a Natural Product

No two feathers are the same, please view image carefully for quality before purchasing, the tip of the quill is not broken, just a little bent - easily repaired

All pricing on this site is calculated by "quality" "permit cost- business costs - Government Costs" -

NO FEATHER on this site is collected from the wild and sold, all strictly controlled by the Australian Government.

It is illegal to trade cmmercially in Australian Native Birds with proper licences, this includes ALL feathers from Australian Native Birds.


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