Whistling Kite Plumage Feathers

Found on Ellura (in the Murray Mallee, SA), the Riverland and elsewhere Very large.

We thought kites were smaller. Brown wings and buff breast.

Juveniles have white wing tips which show up as "freckles".

Regular white patches on its back and wings when at rest.

The wings are long and well-rounded, with a wingspan of 120 cm to 145 cm

Very limited stocks, minor damage may occur due to being a Natural Product

No two feathers are the same, please view image carelly for quality before purchasing, this one has missing fibres

All pricing on this site is calculated by "quality" "permit cost- business costs - Government Costs" -

NO FEATHER on this site is collected from the wild and sold, all strictly controlled by the Australian Government.

It is illegal to trade in Australian Native Birds with proper licences, this includes ALL feathers from Australian Native Birds.


20B Whistling Kite Chest Plumage Feather
$20.00 $15.00Save: 25% off
20D Whistling Kite Shoulder Plumage Feather
$19.95 $14.96Save: 25% off
500 Whistling Kite Shoulder Feather
$19.95 $14.96Save: 25% off
501 Whistling Kite Shoulder Feather
$19.95 $14.96Save: 25% off
502 Whistling Kite Shoulder Feather
$19.95 $14.96Save: 25% off
Whistling Kite Plumage Feathers
$25.00 $18.75Save: 25% off

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