TC-02 Genuine Wedged Tailed Eagle Centre Tail Feather

TC-02 Genuine Wedged Tailed Eagle Centre Tail Feather

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Magnificent and stunning, Wedged Tailed Eagle Tail Feathers, only 12 tail feathers per species, once sold it will be a long time before more stocks, These are very rare to obtain, in the 30 plus years in business only 3 other set have been obtained..don't miss them.

Size: 17 1/2" - 435mm

Beware of "Eagle Feathers" most advertised throught the internet are NOT eagle feathers, and what is listed the birds are KILLED in China for the feathers

Genuine Australian Wedged Tailed Eagle Centre Tail Feather,

Difficult to obtain Stunning Marble Marking Feather Grade A,

Damage has occured due to being a Natural Product, these are very long tail feathers, and hence at times are damaged from preening and dragging.

No two feathers are the same, All items are supplied with permits

Please view image carefully for quality before purchasing,

All pricing on this site is calculated by "quality" "permit cost- business costs - Government Costs" -

NO FEATHER on this site is collected from the wild and sold, all strictly controlled by the Australian Government.

It is illegal to trade in Australian Native Birds without licences, this includes ALL feathers from Australian Native Birds.



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