#208 Wedged Tailed Eagle Right Side Tail

#208 Wedged Tailed Eagle Right Side Tail

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12"  - 300mm - 1 only never repeated for approximmately 2 years

Tail feathers are rarely available for sale LEGALLY, these items are supplied with Australian Government Permits

Australia’s largest bird of prey and one of the largest eagles in the world, this eagle can be distinguished from all other Australian hawks by its long wedge-shaped tail, Universally, eagles are a symbol of power;

This company is fully licence to supply these highly sort after feathers, Remember the tail feathers are rarely available in Pristine condition as this is part of the species is the hardest working feathers, preening, dragging on hard surfaces.

Grading as per images, please view carefully before purchasing

See below the image showing the underside of the feather - beautiful marbling



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