Red Tailed Undertail Feather

Red tailed Black Cockatoo Under Tail Feather,

Please view image carefully for quality before purchasing,

NO FEATHER on this site is not collected from the wild and sold, all strictly controlled by the Australian Government.

It is illegal to trade in Australian Native Birds with proper licences, this includes ALL feathers from Australian Native Birds.

The female tails have the stunning reds,blacks,sometimes yellow, there is no other feather in the world that can match this highly sort after item


Feathers sizing average between 300 - 500mm in length full grown


Grading in stock which are filled thoughout the year from A+ to B-


: IMAGES must be viewed closely to ensure you are happy with the product you would like to receive. Hover images are now enforced due to copyright.


For many years, thousands of dollars have been spent to cover our research and development, the licences have not been an easy thing to obtain in the early days, we were the first ever to achieve this from Canberra Head Offices.


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