Wedged Tailed Eagle Feather Beaded Smudge Fan

Wedged Tailed Eagle Feather Beaded Smudge Fan

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Wedged Tailed Eagle Smudge Prayer Fan - Mini Exotic, including crystal, amherst like beads including wooden around the neck.

Made to order - this one sold but can make similar, I will send picture of the final piece before posting, each one will be totally different from the next, you will own your bespoke design. No two feathers are the same, I will will ssomething special for you

Size is approximately 240mm to 280mm, if you are looking for a certain size please let me know, larger size extra, otherwise I will make to this sizing

Added stunning wooden beads on all brown or black leather binding.

These powerful pieces are all handmade here in our workshop and are exclusive to us. We have been in the feather industry for 30 years and time is getting near to retire because of health reasons, so don't be sorry you never owned one of our beautiful pieces

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