Kori Bustard Feathers

Kori Bustard Feathers

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Kori Bustard Feathers

Sizes approx 10 to 50mm plumage

Limited supplies left

Priced per bag approx 30 feathers

See below an array of colouring, brown speckled to grey black and white

Remains common away from more settled regions throughout Australia except for the south-east section. The Australian Bustard was once widespread in suitable Australian habitats and flocks of up to 1000 birds were reported in grassland and shrubland areas throughout Australia in the 19th century. The Bustard unfortunately acquired a reputation as being good to eat and numbers have reduced. Foxes also acquired a taste for the bird. In New South Wales the Australian Bustard has disappeared from closely settled areas. Claims are made that the Lake Eyre Basin is a stronghold for the species. Also known as Ardeotis kori - the Kori Bustard.

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