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(image for) Oh My Goodness !!!
by: Julie

Monday 21 March, 2016

Oh My Goodness!!! John,your amazing talent shines through,I believe,
because of the incredible empathy you feel with your magical and very precious subjects!What a privilege it is for me to see such beautiful and emotionally charged images all brought to life by you,and the way you see things so truly!!
I worked in a gallery here in Townsville in the 90's and met a large number of artists working in various mediums and depicting so many different subjects.So when I say this about how your work is affecting me so powerfully,I assure you that I do mean every single word! I hope to now browse a little more extensively and ,who knows?I may just be able to add some of YOUR unique artworks to my collection.I do wish you well in your retirement,even though every artist I know who has 'retired', still somehow paints again!!! Anyway,this is a joy beyond words for me,and I hope to be in touch again soon regarding a possible purchase.
Many warm and delighted smiles, Julie Drew .

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