#9902 Large Wedged Tail Eagle Adult Male (Arrangement)

#9902 Large Wedged Tail Eagle Adult Male (Arrangement)

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Sizes: 180mm to 200mm 7 to 8 ", see below images of other clients arrangements

Overall Eagle feathers are sacred, they are a vessel to our creator. Our way of speaking to him. The eagle flies the highest to creator and takes our prayers to him. Eagle feathers symbolise honour, respect, and dignity.

Don't be fooled, all Eagle feathers must be licenced - anywhere in the world, some items you see on ebay are "" FALSE " " Large Rare and Exclusive Australian

WEDGED TAILED EAGLE FEATHERS,collated into a 6 feather arrangement,

Under Licence - Permit Supplied

Make your own majestic craft, bookmarks, wands etc.

All natural product - some imperfections may occur All arrangements will be different as there are no two feathers the same as per pictures

Read our unique and exclusive story on "About Me" page Artist Retiring,

Thank you for your support past 30 years

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