Emu Feathers 10grams

Emu Feathers 10grams

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10grams of Body Feathers - all sizing mixed per bag, each and every bag is different

Size : 100mm - 300mm and inbetween. Approx 200 feathers average 175 depending on the size and wether each feather has 2 quills

The Emu Feather is one of nature’s most unique, as it features a double plume. The Emu and its cousin the cassowary are the only birds in the world that have two feathers of the same length originating from the one quill.

The feathers are very soft as the vanes are not held together by barbs like most other bird feathers.

Emu Feathers can be used for many applications including fishing lures, clothing accents, flower arrangements, hats, bird nesting and numerous decorative arts and crafts.

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